Sunshine Coast House Construction Photos

Latest photos from site. The stair down to the entrance door will follow the diagonal line of the shingles. And check out that seamless shingle transition from roof to wall. Learn more about the project here.

Maple Grove Elementary

On Wednesday March 29th at Maple Grove Elementary, Hon. Mike Bernier the BC Minister of Education; Hon. Andrew Wilkinson, BC Minister of Advanced Education and MLA for Vancouver-Quilchena; and Dianne Turner, Vancouver School Board Trustee announced the new $24.4m Maple Grove Elementary replacement school funded under the BC Seismic Mitigation Program. SHAPE Architecture was announced as the … Continued

Newton Recreation Centre Construction Photos

Newton Wave Pool expansion and addition is quickly taking SHAPE; flooring and millwork are being installed in the renovated lobby, envelope is near completion, and glazing units are being installed. The fern pattern was a close collaboration between SHAPE and local artist Sean Alward, which deploys the pattern as ceramic frit acting to reduce solar … Continued

Sunshine Coast House Construction Photos

Amongst evergreens studding the steep topography is the Sunshine Coast House. The roof form mirrors the topography, and assists in framing views of the picturesque Georgia Strait and beyond to Vancouver Island. Atop the robust CIP concrete foundation, the wood walls are starting to give shape to the spaces they’ll soon define.