DIGITAL TWINS 1/12: Whistler Home

Welcome to the first of a new monthly 12-part series – DIGITAL TWINS.

What are Digital Twins? They are virtual models that often precede their real-world architectural counterparts and sometimes continue to twin the life of real buildings in a predictive manner; which can help us to better understand how buildings perform. This series will showcase outstanding Digital Twins – buildings and architecture that have been created over the course of SHAPE Architecture’s history.

This month, we’re featuring a custom home on a steeply sloping forest site on Whistler Mountain. The house is envisaged as a rhizomic organism, emerging from the forest floor. The resultant form is a twin massing, separated above ground to create an intimate series of shared outdoor spaces – connected by a series of underground pathways and “roots”.

Keep your eyes out for the next one in January!