PROJECT UPDATE: Cancer Prevention and Survivorship Centre

Construction is ongoing and nearing completion at the Cancer Prevention and Survivorship Centre. We are eager to see the finishing touches transform the project in the coming months.

Here are some early views that begin to hint at the final project: the Atrium recently had its acoustic baffle and audio-visual equipment installed on the ceiling, and brick veneer + concrete overlay flooring are to follow. At the roof terrace, cladding still remains to be completed, and landscaping + pavers will round out the finishes to bring it all together. Cladding is also well underway on the main entrance to the building, and we are eager to see the tube screen installed to complete the massing.

In the Yoga + Healing Touch & Fitness space, we can see lovely south light bouncing off the chamfered window jambs and are excited for the millwork finishes to be installed to add a touch of warmth to the change room walls. When the sun isn’t shining in the atrium stair skylight, the lighting strips will illuminate the main feature stairs.

Stay tuned as the project continues to transform and come to completion!