PROJECT UPDATE: Moodyville Townhouses

The display home is now open for our Moodyville Townhouses project! Located in North Vancouver’s Moodyville neighbourhood, The Morrison is a 31 unit townhouse development that evokes an inviting and robust lifestyle from within. Two rows of townhouses are oriented north to south and separated by a semi-public space to connect visually to the building interiors and invites opportunities for meeting. By considering the figure and ground as equality important, the former is used to shape the latter while allowing sufficient access to daylight and views within and beyond.

The concept was originally inspired by the mews row housing where Principal Architect Alec Smith had lived during his time in London. To learn more about this diverse mix of unit types (e.g., townhouses, stacked townhouses, two bedroom maisonettes and lock-off units), you can check out our project page or visit this link.