Blatchford Fire Station #8

The new Blatchford community is comprised of a 536-acre master plan containing a network of green corridors, public open spaces and parks that connect the entire community. This centrally located site is the former Municipal Airport lands which are being transformed into a vibrant, sustainable community that will accommodate approximately 30,000 people via low-impact development. This community will utilize renewable energy, providing a path towards a more resilient future both in Edmonton and beyond.

Set to be the first municipal building in the community, the new 16,000 square foot Blatchford Fire Station #8 will feature a three-bay drive-through apparatus bay which will be strategically positioned to serve the community through visual engagement and connectivity. The building design will feature a restrained palette of folded custom metal panels which form the skin of the building exterior, combined with areas of perforation introduced to conceal an internal courtyard and screen mechanical areas that rationalize the corners of the simple form. These deep folded matte metallic custom panels will be subtly reflective with the intention of capturing the interplay of light and shadow throughout the seasons.

As a commitment to achieving a low carbon footprint by minimizing embodied carbon, the design will target 20% less energy consumption than required by the National Energy Code for Buildings 2017 and will also achieve LEED Silver Certification. Integration with Blatchford District Energy will further underscore the commitment to sustainable practices.

Public Safety
In progress
City of Edmonton
Edmonton, AB
Group2 Architecture Interior Design, Chandos Construction, Entuitive, WSP, Remedy Engineering & Priority Mechanical, Design North Landscape Architecture, Parkland Geo