Chuck Bailey Recreation Centre Expansion

The innovation and elegance behind the new Chuck Bailey Recreation Centre Expansion will be integrated with the existing building and universally designed to the highest standards to ensure offering an appealing social hub and community destination that is multi-generational, comfortable and flexible for mixed uses. The unique design aims to create a cultural identity and sense of belonging, making the recreation centre the true sport heart of the Whalley community.

The new expansion will be designed to reflect the City of Surrey’s sustainability vision and objectives as set under the Sustainability Charter, which sets out a vision for Surrey as a thriving, green, inclusive city. The facility will be designed to align with the City’s climate change commitments, targeting a highly efficient, passive-first design that operates at or near zero emissions. It will also be “Climate Ready” by ensuring thermal comfort in future decades as temperatures rise and good indoor air quality during wildfire smoke events. Design and construction will seek to minimize embodied emissions by following the City’s Wood First Policy among other approaches. Being a human-centered design, the project will implement Universal Design Principles and pursues the Rick Hansen Foundation Accessibility Gold Certification.

City of Surrey
Surrey, BC
4,645 m² / 50,000 ft²