Georgia Green Townhouses

Replacing a small single-family house with four tightly-tailored space-efficient units that fill the zoning envelope, the project offers a thoughtful demonstration of the new forms density can take. The 3D interrelationship of the four units creates equal amenity for all suites, regardless of their location in plan and elevation.

Each unit enjoys generous indoor and outdoor living spaces, as well as natural light and views from all building faces. Global best practices in high performance housing were achieved, including rainwater collection for toilet flushing and irrigation, solar hot water heating, R30 insulated walls, and triple-glazed windows. Through variations in scale and amenity, the units allow a diverse demographic cross-section to partake in sustainable urban living.

Completed October 2009
Vancouver, BC
510 m² / 5,500 ft²
Sustainable Architecture and Building Magazine: 2013 Canadian Green Building Award - Winning Residential Project
EnerGuide 89