Netzero Townhouses

Insightful and SHAPE Architecture are committed to delivering the first Net-Zero energy housing development in Vancouver. Six ground-oriented units are proposed on the consolidated property; three townhouse units oriented towards the street with another three units oriented along the rear of the property. These units all front onto an internal courtyard, which maximizes light and air to all dwelling units while allowing fire-fighting access to the rear units. The large, south-facing roof slopes of both buildings have been meticulously optimized for solar exposure, providing over 600 square feet of photo-voltaic panels per unit.

Harvested solar energy will be converted into alternating current via an inverter, providing all the necessary operating energy requirements for the development. Excess energy will be fed back into the commercial electrical grid. Six parking spaces are provided using three hydraulic car lifts, allowing two vehicles to be stacked in an area equivalent to a standard Vancouver parking stall. The garage doors have been strategically integrated to create a dynamic, yet respectful elevation facing the lane.

Design Development
Vancouver, BC
1300 m² / 14,300 ft²
CHBA Net Zero Energy Council’s Net Zero Certification / NRCan for its R2000 Net Zero Energy Pilot Program