Lakeview Church + Housing

This project integrates the church program from an existing building on site, with 104 new rental units, in a building that will be Passive House Certified. Passive House is a whole building approach to designing a low emission and high quality built environment. As a result, Passive House principles are adopted at the earliest outset and are a main driver in the form of development for this project. Articulation of the exterior building envelope has been kept to a minimum to reduce the total surface area of the exterior walls and limit opportunities for thermal bridging. Exterior building articulation will be achieved using a playful mix of sun-shading devices and balcony articulation.


As one of the first developments in the area built to suit changes in the Grandview-Woodland Community plan, we are respectful of the smaller scale buildings that remain surrounding the site. The building massing has been crafted to reduce massing impact on surrounding smaller scale residences, while allowing the Church facility to feature prominently as a distinct entity. The proposed development will be built using a mix of wood frame and heavy timber construction in alignment with Passive House principles.

Design Development
Vancouver, BC
8300 m², 90,000 ft²
Passive House Near Zero Emissions