South Haven Cemetery

SHAPE Architecture along with Group2 Architects and PECHETstudio have been commissioned to provide a design for the new South Haven Cemetery Service Building to accommodate their growing sales and operational needs and provide a response which reflects the core societal values of the local Edmonton community.

This new South Haven Centre for Remembrance creates a new non-denominational landmark destination for the City of Edmonton. The design features a symbolic twelve metre tower element which emerges from the prairie landscape and makes reference to the existing grave sites, monuments, columbaria and the latent memory that they embody. Ones memory of visiting a cemetery is marked by time; the position of the sun, the quality of light and the weather on
that particular day. For some it may be a solitary visit to a ceremony, in which the event may be the only time; for others it may become ritual visits which span the rest of their lives.

City of Edmonton
Edmonton, AB
650 m² / 7,000 ft²
$4.4 Million
Group2 Architects + PECHETstudio